Rumble in testing jungle…

Posted: November 22, 2011 in soapUI

Couple of weeks back there was an interesting post published on with the same title. Not sure how many soapui readers/users might have noticed about it. So i thought of pressing a quick blog about the same.

When we talk about testing API or Web services the very first thing user finds is information about soapUI. Yes, this is the tool to go with when API functional + automation testing is topic of talk.

So selecting an API test tool doesn’t seems to be a big problem for user. The actual question comes in when they find whether to go with soapUI Open Source version or with soapUI PRO version.

The latest blog on titled “Rumble in the testing jungle” helps the users to get a quick & detailed information about the difference between the 2 flavors of same software.

Now its the end user’s call to decide whether he/she wants to pay some extra bucks & get all the advanced features (soapUI PRO) handy… ORΒ  put some extra efforts and develop those features in soapUI open source version (using Groovy) without paying anything πŸ˜‰

There are few features available in PRO version which (i admire a lot) makes testers life so easy. To quote few of them : Advanced reports, Tabular display of response tags, & outline/form editor in certain cases etc…

I, being a true believer in open source community, would prefer soapUI open source version over soapUI Pro (ok, sometimes i really need PRO version). So here with my blog series i am trying my best to share my learning with the community.

Thank you eviware (now SmartBear) for providing us a tool like soapUI & making it open source. I hope/wish soapUI PRO (running on steroids of advanced features) would not kill soapUI open source in near future.

Would be happy to see your comments, thoughts & suggestion on anything/everything related to blog/soapui πŸ™‚

So it’s your time to take a call.

  1. YoU.Nike says:

    Awesome!! I like your thoughts and agree with open source will be better in support of community. (sometimes, indeed, the PRO make your work so easy, I admit). before you know of feature of soapUI or on how to use script (Groovy) to help you create useful assertions or control statement, you’d better familiarize PRO version, it can provide detailed information for you, in the meanwhile, it simplified some functions and operations for you as well.So in order to make you are strong in soapUI, follow up Pradeep bishnoi and sharing his amazing skills. SHOUT OUT~~

    Best Regards,

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