For a Charitable cause…

Posted: November 8, 2011 in soapUI

With the season of giving [i.e., week of Thanks Giving] coming up in United States, SmartBear has decided to go for a charitable cause. They have come-up with the lighter version of their flagship product Code Collaborator, known as “Code Reviewer” which is for sale.

Now the real treat for you as a Developer/Tester is that this tool is priced very reasonably & for a good cause.

You can purchase a 7 user license of CodeReviewer for $7 a seat!  (which is 97.5 % OFF over regular license price)

And 100% of the proceeds (all $49) will go to charity.

Isn’t this a great deal? Now this  is the time to join this charitable cause & fight bad code as well. If interested to donate, please visit SmartBear website for more details :—fight-bad-code-for-charity/

P.S. : This is no marketing stint for SmartBear & it’s purely a call for a Charitable cause.


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